Clipper Bar
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Lane End

Six Sins till Sunday

Above Mountains
The Sentient are a four-piece metal band hailing from Cornwall, UK. Established in 2013, the band have been through many different members and musical styles. Originally a band with dual guitarists, university changed the line-up, with members leaving and joining. Current members include Ben Lynch on vocals, Josh Rowland on guitar, Aidan Whitaker on bass and Nathan Deacon on drums. They use a widerange of musical influences to craft their own unique sound.

'The Sentient has crafted a very impressive release with “Promises” that sticks around long enough to showcase all of the band’s talents, but doesn’t overstay its welcome. Clocking in at just over 32 minutes, “Promises” is an absolute pristine offering of independent progressive music, proving the skills without requiring the oft-expected extended investment. Of course, now knowing how capable the band is, I’m expecting (and hoping for) a one hour concept album next time around, and if it’s anywhere near half as good as “Promises”, it looks like we'll be seeing The Sentient at the top.' - HTP REVIEW By Max Puhala