The Watering Hole
Please check back here after the gig to see the full setlist and photos from the concert!
It’s all about happy endings. And that’s what you get when you shake together the offspring of a brothel owner and an inner city ex-rock player, add couple of parts Kiwi and a fraction Brazilian. Happy endings and the garage/pop, psych/soul mash of reggae known as the Sticky Fingers sound.These Sydney based rude boys of the inner west are delivering a refreshing vibe to the Australian music scene. The band began when drummer Beaks and bass player Paddy, met busker Dylan, one night outside the Coopers Arms hotel in Newtown. Dylan, fresh from N.Z. and not yet 18, was on the streets with his guitar busking for coin outside the pub. “We met him,” Paddy says, “when the Coopers Arms bouncer started hassling us to give the dude money”.For the comparison minded: the Kiwi dub bands and the bands of the English two tone rush get a shake in the Sticky Fingers sound, they’re all doused in textural, psyche-y and atmospheric melodies that push out the S.F. rhythm section’s blunt soundscapes.From group’s existence, the Stickies have supported the likes of Children Collide, Urthboy, Amy Meredith, Art Vs Science, Lowrider & Kingtide. While wanna be popstars work chat rooms and facebook to an inch of their lives, Sticky Fingers work the live room. Already highly rated by anyone that crosses their path, the band’s live show is on the up and up.