The Eden Sessions
St Austell

Með Blóðnasir
Olsen Olsen


Sigur Rós are unstoppable. Following the recent release of their seventh studio album, Kveikur, the band are currently in the midst of a mammoth world tour.

Bringing the full 11-piece live band to the stage at the Eden Project, lead singer Jónsi captivated the packed crowd from the moment he started singing the haunting vocals of 'Yfirborð'. From here on out, the concert was to prove to be a textbook example of how to create the perfect atmosphere.

Surrounded by a myriad of instruments and a vast selection amount of lighting effects, Jónsi barely spoke throughout the entire gig - except perhaps an infrequent but humbled 'thank you'. Instead it was the sonic landscapes unfurling on stage around him that was doing the talking on their behalf. 

The crowd too were silent, focussed and entranced - the only noise from them being the huge bursts of applause as each song came to and end. But even that applause was to be almost immediately replaced by a sense of anticipation and silence as the next song grew and developed on stage.

The silence in the audience and the powerful music on the stage created a stark and beautiful contrast, a sense of peace and at times an overwhelming sense of euphoria.

It was (perhaps inevitably) 'Hoppípolla' that got the biggest reaction from the audience all night - undoubtably the bands most well known track following its widespread use on television. Sigur Rós delivered an unforgettable version of their classic track live, complimented by a large video screen showing sparks and fire softly burning away behind the musicians.

Despite not having even one proper 'sing-a-long moment', it's safe to say Sigur Rós will long be remembered at Eden, the sense of magic and beauty they spread across the site will undoubtably live on for many years to come.