Studio Bar

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“Gentle acoustics and luscious melodies” - Q Track of the Day

“Where do Saturday Sun songs go? It's a question that's formed with awe. The way the group orchestrates and bends those minutes, it feels no longer than a blink. It was barely here and still it was memorable. It was delicate and it was demanding. It seemed as if it had been made through inner-turmoil that couldn't help itself, but to spill out onto the streets. It took over the way we suddenly felt” - Daytrotter

 2012 saw Saturday Sun released their now sold-out debut ‘Seagull EP’ of four tracks on Lazy Butterfly Records, aided by iTunes placing it on their homepage as a recommended record. The title track won a coveted Q Track of the Day and a place on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film House on the End of the Street. In addition the band were promptly invited to record sessions for Daytrotter, Crypt and Watch, Listen, Tell - the latter receiving over 11,000 hits in 1 week and now over 71,000 views. Tom Robinson at 6 Music has also regularly featured the band on his BBC Introducing show.