The Acorn

- Brother
- Relying on Lying
- Raning Stone
- All I Got
- As Always
- Got My Share
- Patience
- Mad World Waiting
- Baby Finn

(With Lily & Meg)
- Go It Alone
- Grace
- No More Sins
- Orchard For an Apple
- Cold Ontario
- Anyway

Lily and Meg supporting Ruarri Joseph at the Acorn Theatre, Penzance on Concerts in Cornwall

Ruarri Joseph returns this Autumn with a new album ‘Brother’ (Pip Productions) and will play the Acorn Theatre in Penzance on Saturday 30 November. The record, Ruarri’s fourth studio album to date, is a record inspired and propelled by ideas of friendship, relationships and family.

Originally born in Edinburgh, the nomadic Joseph found his songwriting roots in the southwestern Pacific. A move to New Zealand, and the young Ruarri found himself coming of age in Dannevirke (population 6,000), an isolated, rural farming community.

At 17, Joseph packed his suitcase and moved back to the UK and settled in London, where he released his debut album ‘Tales Of Grime and Grit’ through Atlantic Records. Shortly after he quit Atlantic in favour of independence and so in 2008, he formed his own label ‘Pip Productions’ through which all his subsequent LPs have been released.

Inspired by Bob Dylan, the singer song-writer’s work has also earned him favourable comparisons to the chart-topping pop savvy sounds of Damian Rice and David Gray, artists with whom, through no coincidence, Joseph now shares his management.