Hall for Cornwall

- Back In My Place
- Come Back Brighter
- Stone For Your Love
- I Would Have Left You
- Mellow
- Consideration
- Higher Vibration
- Place Your Hands
- Don't You Like It?
- Summer's In Bloom
- Lucky Number
- Barking At Trees
- I've Got Something
- New Bird
- Naked
- Yer Old
- End

- You Got It
- Weird
- Choose To Live 

Toseland supporting Reef at the Hall for Cornwall

2011 Reef at Lusty review:

“It was great to see this awesome band as tight as ever, sure Reef are not the young upstarts they were, but 15 years down the road they are lean and in fighting weight with a muscular, punchy sound that I think most bands today would give their left knackers to try and get close to. A good few bands are coming through Cornwall these days what with the Boardmasters and SAS BAll (Seasick Steve, Example, Xavier Rudd, Kooks) but a night with Reef left me feeling that we’ve slowly been settling for less over the years….”

Dom Moore Surf Sanctuary 2011