Festival of Sport

- Come Back Brighter
- Stone For Your Love
- I Would Have Left You
- Weird
- Mellow
- Consideration
- Place Your Hands
- Don't You Like It?
- Summer's In Bloom
- Got Something To Say
- Give Me Your Love
- Unsocial Animal
- Steal Away
- Lucky Number
- Naked
- Yer Old
- End

A cold and drizzly evening in September doesn't stop hundreds of people turning up to a field in Marazion for what could be one of the most underrated musical comebacks in history!

The audience instantly warm to the band as they open with the lively classic 'Come Back Brighter' and the energy that Reef bring to the stage with them is apparent throughout the whole set, with the audience singing along to other favourites such as 'I Would Have Left You' and 'Summers in Bloom'. 

The band kept the audience captivated with a previously unheard song, 'Unsocial Animal' - a fast-paced track with screaming vocals which rocked the venue to its core. 

They interacted to the audience throughout, posing for photographs and responding to the screams of the die-hards! The audience fed off this interaction, continuing to sing along to hit after hit. Reef ended their set with massive crowd pleaser, 'Yer Old' - making for a brilliant and memorable concert for old and new fans alike.