The Nightjar
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Harry Rowland

Joe Harworth
Please check back here after the gig to see the full setlist and photos from the concert!
The Nightjar are delighted to present, on the 12th March 2014, a fine line up of songwriters, each of which with there own element of brilliance and individuality. 

Opening the show will be Joe Harworth, a young musician who's song writing is raw, innocent and charming, Joe stunned the room at The Howling Jar Open Mic Night on 4th March and is coming back to do the same!! 

Harry Rowland is one of the finest guitarist in the South-west, and his songs have a certain magic which is unexplainably captivating. Of all the alternative/folk artists in Cornwall today, Harry is by far the most intriguing. We are thrilled to have him back on our stage!! 

Headlining the night will be a gentleman named Paul Simmons. Massively superior keyboard skills, pitch perfect vocals and lyrics that could only be written by a seasoned artist that has seen it all combine to make Paul Simmons a genuinely brilliant act. You will be blown away by the wisdom and truth in his songs; lyrically reconstructing some of life's greatest mysteries such as love and silence. Musically speaking, Paul's cadences, chord sequences and melodies are slick, professional and intelligent. Paul Simmons is an artist everybody should see.