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Kieran Goss, The Acorn, 19.09.14 on Concerts in Cornwall

The Acorn
Please check back here after the gig to see the full setlist and photos from the concert!

Long hailed as one of Ireland’s leading songwriters and performers, Kieran Goss’s music has won him fans across the globe. But if his songs have made him a star, his live shows have made him a legend. Live on stage is where Kieran Goss really shines.

“The sense of fun is tremendous, the playing first rate and the songs are sheer quality. The encores were genuine, but only because the man is too.” The Irish Times

“Kieran Goss is one of the most gifted performers around today. He has an amazing ability to reach out to his audience and connect with them in a very special way. This guy is the real deal, and that’s what makes him the star he is.” Don Williams