- Winter Comes
- Wonder
- Wide Awake
- For Your Love
- Flume (Bon Iver cover)
- Skin
- Pictures in the Dark
- Alaska
- Bones
- Finally
Josh Record, the Sunday Soother headliner at Leopallooza 2014, takes to the stage in the afternoon sun.  Captivating the audience (who by this point in the weekend are quite happy to relax on the grass rather than fight for the front of the stage) Record plays a haunting and beautiful set including hit singles 'Wide Awake' and 'For Your Love', as well as older tracks such as 'Alaska' and the ethereal 'Bones'.

With his haunting voice and delicate instrumentation, Josh Record proved the perfect ending to a sublime weekend of music.  His rousing choruses were bolstered by his three piece band, but his vocals were left to shine the most on the quieter, acoustic moments.

A personal highlight of the set came at the halfway point, when Record announced that he'd like to play a cover of a song by one of his favourite artists, Bon Iver.  A flawless version of 'Flume' enchanted the crowd and proved that Josh Record really does deserve all of the success he is currently getting.  His debut album, 'Pillars', is out now and he's received airplay on Radio 1 over the past few months.  This man is going to be huge and the audience today were very lucky to have caught him in such an intimate setting.

Leopallooza you've done it again - what a fantastic booking!