The Acorn
Please check back here after the gig to see the full setlist and photos from the concert!

An English Performance Poet and musician who first became famous during the Punk Rock era of the late 1970′s.

Aside from being a key orator of British society during this time, his mark is indelibly seen in today’s pop culture.   Aside from his fashion style spawning copy-cats all over the country, his effect on modern music has been huge.

The revival of the 70 ‘s punk phenomenon over the last few years has seen a whole new generation clamouring over John’s work and watched his star rocket once again. John is as vital now as he was then;  He’s not going anywhere!

He continues to write new work from his Colchester home. He has a plethora of new poems and monologues which he performs solo, alongside his best known works such as 'Beasley Street' and 'Evidently Chickentown'.