The Lugger

- American Idiot
- Know Your Enemy
- Nuclear Family
- Longview
- She
- Welcome to Paradise
- Carpe Diem
- When I Come Around
- Holiday 
- Basket Case
- Hitching a Ride
- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
- Wake Me Up When September Ends
- Warning / Waiting / Redundant / Christie Road (Medley)
- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) 

- All By Myself
- Dominated Love Slave

- Stay The Night
- Minority

The bands set was perfectly constructed - covering a variation of Green Day's greatest hits and lesser known tracks from earlier in Green Day's career. Every song was played with incredible accuracy and passion - it's obvious that these guys love what they do! A stream of big hits including 'Holiday', 'Basket Case' and 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' had the audience jumping around and screaming the lyrics right back at the band. Less well known tracks such as 'Dominated Love Slave' were met with a friendly enthusiasm and even received a few giggles from unsuspecting audience members. 

The bands audience interaction kept everyone on their feet, with the famous "The representative from California has the floor..." section of 'Holiday' being sung by an audience member as well as the whole of 'Hitchin' a Ride". 

The setting of this gig was a local hotel on the seafront of Penzance - perhaps not the type of place where you would expect to find one of the best tribute bands in the country! The band are here to play a gig for an 18th birthday party - an obvious challenge due to the vastly differing music tastes of this particular age group! When you think of tribute bands, there is often an image of tacky, copycat outfits and hairstyles. Green Date, however, stayed true to the originals of the songs they were playing and even gave the sense of being at an actual Green Day gig, whilst maintaining their own image. 

Despite there being many people unfamiliar with Green Day's music, the bands incredible energy was soon passed onto the audience who were dancing along to the music throughout. 

Living up to the recent buzz around the band following a feature in Kerrang Magazine, Green Date also played a brand new selection of songs from Green Day's latest album, '¡Uno!', including the captivating 'Carpe Diem' and showstopper 'Stay The Night'. 

The mix of old and new songs and greatest hits made for an incredible set for Green Day fans and newbies alike and was definitely an 18th birthday never to be forgotten.