Hall for Cornwall

- I Am Disappeared
- The Road
- One Foot Before The Other
- Reasons Not To Be An Idiot
- Glory Hallelujah
- Long Live The Queen
- Polaroid Picture
- Wessex Boy
- Substitute
- Balthazar Impresario
- The Real Damage
- Worse Things Happen at Sea
- I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous 
- Peggy Sang The Blues
- 4 Simple Words
- Try This At Home
- I Still Believe

- If Ever I Stray
- Photosynthesis
- Dan's Song



Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun launched into a storming set to open the night, winning over the audience more and more with every track. Songs such as ‘New Natives’ and the bands upcoming single ‘Wishing Well’ proved especially popular with the crowd singing along to the choruses. However the biggest reaction of the set came when Frank Turner made a guest appearance on harmonica, slipping onto the side of the stage in a dark hoodie - offering the musical accompaniment as well as backing vocals on the track ‘Home / Hospitals’. 

Offering a stripped back, passionate set featuring just him and his guitar, Tim Barry bought a taste of his hometown (Richmond, Virginia) into Truro. Singing about the struggles and stories of his life, he covered topics as diverse as prison, politics and stowing away on trains. His emotional vocals and intense guitar created a combination that had the audience on his side from the start. Barry recognised this and kept the audience in the palm of his hand, asking regular questions of them and explaining a little of his own background. Without a doubt a stunning performance from a man so passionate about his music that his joy and heartaches filled the entire venue.

Lights down low and five men silhouetted on stage, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls launch straight into new album track ‘I Am Disappeared’ to a huge roar from the audience. Frank Turner shows no signs of slowing down, despite coming to the end of a month long tour across the country. In fact, as he proudly announced on stage, this is his 1302nd show to date! 

Playing a career-spanning set which gave particular emphasis to some of his older and rarer songs, Frank delighted the Hall for Cornwall with tracks such as ‘I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous’, ‘4 Simple Words’ and ‘Long Live The Queen’. With the full Sleeping Souls band, the intimate venue was mesmerized during ‘One Foot Before The Other’ and the barrage of strobe lights, guitars and beating drums that made up the anthem - the crowds chants of “I remain” throughout creating an atmosphere so intense it was almost palpable. 

The eager crowd were also treated to ‘Polaroid Picture’ - a completely new track from Frank Turner’s as-yet-untitled new album. Alongside this were a selection of older songs from his first album ‘Sleep Is For The Week’ - such as the beautiful acoustic tones of ‘Worst Things Happen At Sea’ and ‘The Real Damage’. 

Alongside the mix of old and new, Frank dedicated the rarely played and hauntingly sparse track ‘Balthazar Impresario’ to the Hall for Cornwall, describing the song as being a memory to all of the old stages and buildings which have been used for centuries as performance spaces. 

Drawing the twenty song set to a close were recent singles ‘I Still Believe’ and ‘If I Ever Stray’ - accompanied by the entire audience singing along at the top of their lungs. From the front row to the balcony, the audience thanked the band on stage in the best way possible - by singing the words as loud as they possibly could. 

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