Princess Pavilion

- Heavenly Waters
- Fear of Drowning
- Monsters of Sunderland
- It Ended on an Oily Stage
- Atom
- We Are Sound
- Once More Now
- No Need To Cry
- Loving Animals
- A Lovely Day Tomorrow
- Machineries of Joy
- Zeus
- Remember Me
- Waving Flags
- The Great Skua
- Carrion
- All in It

- The Spirit of St Louis
- No Lucifer

Pastel Colours Logo

New album Machineries of Joy is a creative high, a superbly composed, multi-stylistic tour de force. Beautifully mechanised rhythms sit alongside wind-blasted Brontë-rock cinematics. Brain-bent garage thrash hurtles in.

A recent poll of BBC 6 Music listeners – on the most important hundred tracks of the station’s lifetime – placed the British Sea Power track, Remember Meat number nine, just above Radiohead, just below Johnny Cash. It’s a placing that indicates both the band’s longevity and the deeply dedicated nature of their audience. BSP have enjoyed a diverse array of cultural endorsement. David Bowie, Lou Reed, Jarvis Cocker, Radiohead, Bill Oddie, the National Maritime Museum, Bill Bailey, Jeremy Vine, Julian Cope, Stella Vine, Flaming Lips, Caitlin Moran, Keith Allen, Peter Capaldi, Andrew Weatherall, Grace Dent and Brian Cox have all run up the BSP colours at one time or another.

When BSP have given live-to-screen performances of their soundtrack to the 1934 survival-in-the-face-of-the-elements film Man Of Aran it has produced similarly emotional responses among wildly different demographics – tear-stained Norwegian fishermen in a 14th-century wooden church inside the Arctic Circle; a packed mass of ravers at The Big Chill; 2,000 ex-pat Irish at the Perth International Film Festival in Australia. 

Come and see for yourself why this band is so special.