The Nightjar
Please check back here after the gig to see the full setlist and photos from the concert!
Ghost Club
Ben Jordan.... half man half Jack Daniels. Conceived, born and raised by music itself. Some say he entered this world with guitar in hand and melody in ear whilstling the tune to 'Ain't no Sunshine'. It is said that when in his mothers womb he wrote his first three albums. This Thursday the 3rd April he will make his return to The Nightjar Truro's stage, accompanied by his friends, Ghost Club. 

"Ghost Club are the newest and freshest band to be hitting the Cornish scene. Josh Harrington has a voice like an earthquake in a bottle, its a bizarre blend of Tom Waits and Marcus Mumford. Chlo Edwards, previously front-woman of the Vales is in the mix as well. These two have some incredible songs that hit that fine balance between commercialism and art, so they are a must see band!!"

Ben Jordan will be playing between 9 - 11 
Ghost Club will be playing between 8 -9

Last time at the first An Evening with Ben Jordan and friends, Ben vowed that he would never play the same original song twice, that every set every time he played here would be of a different bunch of his original songs. (Exceptions can be made for new releases and promotional songs). This is quite a vow to take, however we can all be confident in Ben Jordan's ability to do so!!!