Lusty Glaze
Please check back here after the gig to see the full setlist and photos from the concert!
Abee is a 18 year old singer songwriter from South West England, Cornwall.
She began her passion in music around the age of thirteen when joining her first rock band, that progressed on to form duets and then reached the conclusion of becoming a solo singerĀ songwriter.

Over the past two years Abee has been touring Devon and Cornwall alongside attending the Academy of Music and Sound (Exeter) and then moving on to Falmouth University a year early to study an Hons Degree in Music. Throughout the tour Abee has racked up nearly 200 gigs at some of the South West's most popular and prestigious venues. These include regularly playing Mama Stones, The Eden Project, B-side Bunters, Miss Peapods, The Princess Pavillion, various festivals and many many many many more!

In 2011, Abee released her first home recorded, five track EP, 'Thoughts & Tries'. Later extending to an album version. Currently Abee is working on her latest and newest EP, containing tracks such as David White's Tip of The Week (BBC introducing) - 'Mr Man' and 'Poison'. The EP will be flared with soul, funk, RnB and pop, with influences of Stevie Neale, Alicia Keys, and Joss Stone.

The future?
'What is in store for the future is something that everyone ponders upon day to day. As for me, I would like to go on and have a successful career in the music industry, I love to write and compose, whilst at the same time performing is extremely close to my heart. My roots will always be in music, its a fire that burns day and night for me, and i can't ever imagine that being extinguished. Music is the soul of communities, the key to a padlock of emotions and the chain and language that links people of the world together.'